what are the 10 healthy tips?

Hello friends, today we will talk about 10 healthy tips. Today’s time everyone is so busy that people are unable to pay attention to their health. When we ever fall ill, we think that from now on we will take care of our health.

If we take full care of our health in advance, then there will be no chance of getting sick.

If time we pay attention to running our mobile, if we give more time to our health, then we cannot imagine how much our lives can change.

So let’s be friends, let’s talk about HEALTHY TIPS:

1. Sleep on your left Side:

We must sleep in time to be healthy.

Sleeping 7-8 hours is necessary for our health. Whenever we sleep, we should sleep on our left side.

Sleeping on the right side can cause us to have problems digesting food, blood pressure, irritation.

While sleeping on the left side, the food can be digested well.

2. Drinking water from time to time:

We keep working all day long. But in that busy time, we forget to drink water and when we feel thirsty then we drink water.

Drinking less water is not good for our health at all.

We should drink 3 -4 liters of water a day. After every hour or two we should drink water.

3. Walking:

To stay healthy, we must take a morning walk. Waking up early in the morning will help you as well as we will get fresh air.

Whenever we get time, in the morning or in the evening, we must walk for two hours every day to stay healthy.

It is important for everyone to roam, it is beneficial for everyone to be elderly and to roam.

4. Balanced diet:

We should eat clean food made well in the house. Junk food outside should not be eaten at all, it can spoil our health.

We should eat food made in less oil. Eat a meal made with less chili. Food should be chewed properly while saying food.

So that our food can be digested properly.

5. Yoga:

People who do not do yoga or exercise. Those people do not fit. We should do yoga daily for good health.

People who do yoga or exercise daily are fit and lean. They do not have extra fat due to their fit.

If it happens then it will quickly dissolve.

We should drink a glass of lukewarm water as soon as we wake up in the morning. This helps to correct our metabolism.

This keeps blood circulation fine.

Healthy tips for women:

1. Some things women should follow. In today’s time, women are not second to men. She also works outside the house as well.

they get a lot of stress.

Because of giving birth to children, they should take more care of themselves.

Because the responsibility of the entire house rests with them.

2. Women should take their food, drink, and sleep in the right quantity. Women should eat all kinds of nutrition.

They should eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, cheese, milk, everything so that their health is good.

Women are mostly deficient in Vitamin C and IRON.

For which they should eat spinach, carrots, tomatoes for milk, banana, and iron.

3. Especially women who work outside the house as well as outside. They should take special care of their health.

Proper miles and gold are not enough for them. Exercise is also very important for them. By exercising, she will remain fit, active, and will be able to do all day’s work well.

If their health is good then only they will be able to do good work.

Healthy tips for kids:

Today’s remaining JUNK FOOD eat too much. Due to which obesity increases in them. The children should stop eating outside and set the BALANCED MEAL for home cooking. They should be pushed away from TV and mobile to OUTDOOR GAMES.


There is a lot of energy in children. Children also play a lot and got tired very quickly.

Because of this, it is very important for them to complete sleep. If he does not sleep, then his health will also not be good and he will not feel like in his studies.

Whenever he sleeps, let him sleep. Because of which they will remain healthy.


Cleanliness at home is very important for children’s health so that their health is good.

We should learn that children should wash their hands well when they come home from outside, or from anywhere when they come home.

They should tell us that if they do not do their hands well If you wash them, then they will get sick, which GERMS is on their hands, they will go in their stomach, which can also spoil their stomach, we can explain them by telling them all these things.

You should wash your hands thoroughly before eating and after eating. So that he can stay healthy.


Playing is very important for children. Children increase energy by playing.

Their blood circulation increases, hunger increases. Children who can learn by living in children can never learn from us.

Children learn some good things by staying in children, for some bad things, parents should have their first look at their children, what do we learn from our sitting outside.

Confidence in children increases by playing and our children are also more active.

Therefore, they should not refuse to play at all. We should put our children in various types of activities like DANCE, MUSIC, GAMES. So that the children will be very happy and healthy too.

4. DIET:

We should take care of ourselves very well. It is very important for children to take nutritious food. We should give milk and curd to our children from time to time.

Most children refuse milk. So we should make them like kheer, custard, shake so that there is no lack of calcium in his body.

Children should also be fed green vegetables, fruits, and pulses so that they can get all the nutrition well, if the children do not eat the pulses, then we can feed them by making lentils made by adding them to the flour.

If their DIET is good then only they will be able to study well and their health will also be good.

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