jeera water for weight loss reviews

1 Is weight loss by jeera water harmful?
I have been drinking jeera water in the morning empty stomach since 3–4 months, it has helped me to reduce abdomen fat without any gym. This water is full source of iron which helps to anemia. It helps for digestion of food too. (Deepa Jain)

2 Drinking jeera water or detox water etc is just a fad in my opinion. Drink water, plain water and it will work wonders for you.

People who don’t like drinking plain water prefer to drink detox water for some taste but the crux is deink water.

3 Drinking jeera water first thing in the morning won’t give you magical results.

Drink only if you want to , not because you expect certain results out of it.

Speaking from experience. (Ankita Mo)

4 Its a healthy way to loss the weight instead of following your diet plan. Take luke warm jeera water in empty stomach in the morning for better results and plus point of taking jeera water is, it improves your digestion also. (Sanjana Kulshrestha)

5 Not at all.jeera is cool for the stomach.if you drink jeera water in morning it will do the weight loss (Isha Bhatia)

Jeera water can’t be harmful. You can add lemon juice and honey for better results. (Rama Chandrasekar)

6 Q: I recently started to drink jeera water .. is it safe .. how many days should i continue .. or in how many days i will get the results
Jeera water is considered to be very good digestion material. It helps as antionflamatory, it improves insulin sensitivity. It reduces fat which improves in controlling obesity. People consuming hot water can take one day with jeeera, Ginger and dhaniya. All these have good properties. Each day one product can be used. (Abarna Ramakrishnan)

7 Jeer has no side improves digestion process. i also include jeera in my diet during weight loss process. (Priya Soni)

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